The Joys of the Holidays

This is my favorite time of year and invokes fond memories of years past while sustaining me in the present moment at the same time. Balance is sometimes hard to find during the Holidays, but just paying attention to your surroundings and staying focused on the many things we all have to be grateful for is key. While I am out walking on our country road strewn with what appears to be a leaf carpet on each side I say aloud things I am grateful for. I try to name something new each day so it doesn’t become a chore, it’s a blessing.

There are many distractions in our lives if you will allow them. Refusing to give them the time of day ( and your attention) is paramount. Begin to focus on what really matters. especially with Thanksgiving approaching. It will add life to your years and joy to your heart.

Food makes me happy, the flavors of the season are old friends who come to visit and impart your taste buds with fond memories. Joy comes from the heart and certain foods, especially seasonal foods, fill me with peace as I savor every morsel. I am looking forward to another Family Turkey Day and serving my customers some delicious pies, pastries, cakes & cheesecakes.

So stop to smell the roses, watch the birds clamor at the feeder, the leaves change color & drop to Earth, the brisk morning walks full of gratitude & health. Enjoy friends and family and don’t forget to bring desserts. You don’t have time to bake? I got you covered.

These represent some of the Fall flavors not to be missed. Don’t forget; Cranberry Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie and Mama’s Apple Cake! I will be posting a new blog soon concerning CHRISTMAS flavors- The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Buttercream Sugar Cookie Love

Running short on time this Christmas Season I decided to experiment with using Heaven Scent’s awesome vanilla buttercream piped onto my delicioso sugar cookies. See normally I would make royal icing and flood these babies for a profound & dramatic effect. My sugar cookie designs are really pretty basic & I am in awe of the creative designs of some sugar cookie artists, but I digress here.

Any flooded cookie design looks magnificent and tastes fantastic if properly prepared. First, you must have a good recipe, properly chill the dough ( so it doesn’t take on too much flour & get tough), bake it properly ( I like mine just barely brown on the edges- so slightly crunchy on the outside, tender & soft in the middle!), and then choose a yummy icing to finish things up.

Lastly, storage is important here also; if you use buttercream for safety you must place in the cooler ( but not for long or the cookie will become too soft & mushy ( not cool!) from the cooler moisture), so 24 hrs. tops here. If using royal icing you can let dry at room temperature & in the field we would leave them out until sold ( they don’t last long!) but please be sure to not do this IF you have used egg whites in your icing!!

Next & finally comes the decoration(s) which can be basic ( as in the above cookies) or extremely intricate & clearly works of art. Even when I flood cookies I try to keep the designs simple but festive.

The above cookies were chowed down and none left for Santa, however my Grandson did leave some reindeer glitter food for the sleigh team..Merry Christmas all, enjoy the festivities, the season, Family, Friends & Loved Ones, walk in the traditions your Family has created for the season or make some of your own, be grateful for all that you have & Bless others wherever possible. If it is you that needs the Blessing, gratefully receive it & pay it forward when you are able!

Merry Christmas

Buche de Noel aka Yule log is a festive Christmas display piece for buffets or Family gatherings. My version is a chocolate genoese with rum syrup, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate whipped cream & then rolled jelly roll style to which more rum syrup is liberally brushed on before finish piping with chocolate buttercream. I then pipe on a message ( your choice here- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, etc..) and finish the decorations with holly leaves, berries & meringue mushrooms. It is as delicious to eat as it is to gaze upon, making the mood merry & bright.

One of my favorite desserts to make for Christmas parties & buffets along with Christmas Cobbler, Creme Brulee’s or a White Chocolate Raspberry Almond Mousse Torte, to me it signifies the festivities have begun. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year ( as the song suggests) is upon us again & Christmas is indeed in the air.

So worry about your bikini body in say March, right now is time for desserts to take center stage and fill your mind, heart & belly with joy & cheer. Indulge in Christmas Cookies, eat the Buche de Noel, read a good book by the fire, take extra long walks in the snow & chill air, call old friends, play those wonderful Trans Siberian Orchestra songs ( better yet see them Live!!), Martina McBride, Andy Williams, or your favorite artists Christmas versions loudly. Get caught up in the Christmas Cheer, express Love, open doors for people, let them in traffic, buy the next person in line’s order, take in the beauty of the season to your heart of hearts & let it change you for the good.

Desserts are one of many ways to celebrate the season, but there are plenty of others too. Pay attention to the sights and sounds of this magical time of year and don’t let them slip away unnoticed.

Heaven Scent’s 2019 Gourmet Tarts Menu

Honey Almond = Sliced almonds, honey & brown sugar goodness                  $25                        

Chocolate Marble Truffle = Dk/ White choc truffle cream in choc crust          $25

Cranberry Linzer = cinnamon nut crust w homemade cranberry jam              $25

Almond Raspberry = crunchy almond filling w fresh raspberries atop             $28

Chocolate Caramel Truffle = chocolate truffle cream w loads of caramel       $25

Apple Crumble = fresh local apples w/ my crisp line streusel                             $22

Lemon Zinger = lemon curd in cookie crust                                                            $22

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse = choc rasp ganache, berries & choc mousse   $25

Chocolate Espresso Truffle = choc espresso cream piped w choc mousse       $25

White Choc Raspberry Truffle = Ras jam, white choc truffle cream, berries    $28

**All are 11” Tarts & are not cut but should feed 12 people each. You can cut to 16 pieces if desired. These are all made with my cookie crust, vanilla or chocolate.



NEW YORK                                 $25


HOT FUDGE BROWNIE               $33

CARAMEL APPLE CRISP              $33

MUDSLIDE                                   $33


BANANA CARAMEL                    $33

LEMON BLUEBERRY                    $33

CAPPUCCINO FUDGE                  $33

PUMPKIN GINGER                      $33

COOKIES N CREAM                     $33

TURTLE                                          $33

RED VELVET                                  $33


SNICKER’S                                    $33



DEATH BY CHOCOLATE                $33

S’MORES                                        $33

GERMAN CHOCOLATE                   $35

TIRA MI SU                                     $35



RASPBERRY                                    $33

PRETZEL LOGIC                              $33

KEY LIME                                        $33






APPLE CAKE W BROWN SUGAR FROSTING                            $35


BANANA CAKE W CC ICING & CARAMEL GLAZE                    $35

STRAWBERY SHORTCAKE    (WHITE CAKE)                              $35

CHOC CAKE W CHOC MOUSSE                                                  $40

CHOC CAKE W FUDGE ICING                                                      $35

GERMAN CHOCOLATE                                                                 $40

CHOC RASPBERRY GANACHE                                                      $40

RASPBERRY CHARLOTTE                                                              $55

CHOCOLATE VELVET TRUFFLE (FLOURLESS)                            $40

BUCKEYE TORTE                                                                            $45

RED VELVET CAKE                                                                          $40

BUCHE DE NOEL                                                                             $55

ULTIMATE CARROT CAKE                                                              $40

CHOC RUM BUNDT W GANACHE GLAZE                                    $35

 PH. 740-605-3471

Brown Sugar Frosted Apple Cake

This is the new Apple Cake made fresh from local apples, my own Fall Spice Blend, toasted walnuts and then topped with this extra celestial brown sugar frosting that takes your taste buds straight through the Milky Way!

This will be accompanied on the Fall Menu with Maple Brown Sugar Frosted Pumpkin Cake, my Pear Kuchen ( Coffee Cake) & a few others I am baking and sampling out. The flavors being featured are cranberries, chocolate, spices, pumpkin, pears, apples, brown sugar, caramel sauce & I might throw in a brown butter tart or two!

Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake

This cheesecake has the addition of candied pecans atop the buttercream. I do my awesome pumpkin cheesecake several different ways, so you’ll need to specify which version you’d like when ordering. I offer it as follows; with candied pecans, Turtle Style ( caramel sauce with toasted pecans) or maple pecan caramel sauce or simply as the au naturel Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake you know & Love. Think pumpkin pie meets cheesecake here!

It is Fall now so I am making tons of these cheesecakes already so place your orders early & often. Starting in November the race starts between pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. Cast your votes by ordering.

**NEW*** Cherry Crisp Cheesecake

The new Cherry Crisp Cheesecake is born. It is a graham based crust with vanilla cheesecake batter touched with almond extract & dollops of cherries then topped with a crunchy buttery oat streusel. Super Yum!

As a kid my Mom would make a cherry crisp with this same streusel recipe & have to hide it very well from moi. Otherwise I would eat the whole thing by myself. This cheesecake rendition is in her honor and helps me re live some awesome childhood memories.

Happy Birthday to Heaven Scent, LLC !!!

Today, 3/16/19 Heaven Scent, LLC is officially 6 years old and it has been a true joy to serve all my current customers. I look forward to many new ones in the coming years! New things for Heaven Scent this year and beyond are as follows; working on keto friendly and vegan Cheesecakes and I am actively seeking a new brick & mortar store to better serve my customers and majorly improve the space I have to create desserts in. I will then be adding wedding cakes, sheet cakes & a lot more mini dessert parties to the current repertoire. Growing & changing to reach more people in 2019 and beyond. Look forward to serving you all soon. Thanks for your patronage and support!!!