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Christmas Sugar Cookies

Buttercream Sugar Cookie Love

Running short on time this Christmas Season I decided to experiment with using Heaven Scent’s awesome vanilla buttercream piped onto my delicioso sugar cookies. See normally I would make royal icing and flood these babies for a profound & dramatic effect. My sugar cookie designs are really pretty basic & I am in awe of the creative designs of some sugar cookie artists, but I digress here.

Any flooded cookie design looks magnificent and tastes fantastic if properly prepared. First, you must have a good recipe, properly chill the dough ( so it doesn’t take on too much flour & get tough), bake it properly ( I like mine just barely brown on the edges- so slightly crunchy on the outside, tender & soft in the middle!), and then choose a yummy icing to finish things up.

Lastly, storage is important here also; if you use buttercream for safety you must place in the cooler ( but not for long or the cookie will become too soft & mushy ( not cool!) from the cooler moisture), so 24 hrs. tops here. If using royal icing you can let dry at room temperature & in the field we would leave them out until sold ( they don’t last long!) but please be sure to not do this IF you have used egg whites in your icing!!

Next & finally comes the decoration(s) which can be basic ( as in the above cookies) or extremely intricate & clearly works of art. Even when I flood cookies I try to keep the designs simple but festive.

The above cookies were chowed down and none left for Santa, however my Grandson did leave some reindeer glitter food for the sleigh team..Merry Christmas all, enjoy the festivities, the season, Family, Friends & Loved Ones, walk in the traditions your Family has created for the season or make some of your own, be grateful for all that you have & Bless others wherever possible. If it is you that needs the Blessing, gratefully receive it & pay it forward when you are able!

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