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The Joys of the Holidays

This is my favorite time of year and invokes fond memories of years past while sustaining me in the present moment at the same time. Balance is sometimes hard to find during the Holidays, but just paying attention to your surroundings and staying focused on the many things we all have to be grateful for is key. While I am out walking on our country road strewn with what appears to be a leaf carpet on each side I say aloud things I am grateful for. I try to name something new each day so it doesn’t become a chore, it’s a blessing.

There are many distractions in our lives if you will allow them. Refusing to give them the time of day ( and your attention) is paramount. Begin to focus on what really matters. especially with Thanksgiving approaching. It will add life to your years and joy to your heart.

Food makes me happy, the flavors of the season are old friends who come to visit and impart your taste buds with fond memories. Joy comes from the heart and certain foods, especially seasonal foods, fill me with peace as I savor every morsel. I am looking forward to another Family Turkey Day and serving my customers some delicious pies, pastries, cakes & cheesecakes.

So stop to smell the roses, watch the birds clamor at the feeder, the leaves change color & drop to Earth, the brisk morning walks full of gratitude & health. Enjoy friends and family and don’t forget to bring desserts. You don’t have time to bake? I got you covered.

These represent some of the Fall flavors not to be missed. Don’t forget; Cranberry Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie and Mama’s Apple Cake! I will be posting a new blog soon concerning CHRISTMAS flavors- The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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