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Gourmet Tarts

Heaven Scent’s 2019 Gourmet Tarts Menu

Honey Almond = Sliced almonds, honey & brown sugar goodness                  $25                        

Chocolate Marble Truffle = Dk/ White choc truffle cream in choc crust          $25

Cranberry Linzer = cinnamon nut crust w homemade cranberry jam              $25

Almond Raspberry = crunchy almond filling w fresh raspberries atop             $28

Chocolate Caramel Truffle = chocolate truffle cream w loads of caramel       $25

Apple Crumble = fresh local apples w/ my crisp line streusel                             $22

Lemon Zinger = lemon curd in cookie crust                                                            $22

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse = choc rasp ganache, berries & choc mousse   $25

Chocolate Espresso Truffle = choc espresso cream piped w choc mousse       $25

White Choc Raspberry Truffle = Ras jam, white choc truffle cream, berries    $28

**All are 11” Tarts & are not cut but should feed 12 people each. You can cut to 16 pieces if desired. These are all made with my cookie crust, vanilla or chocolate.

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