Heaven Scent Cheesecake & Spice Mix Company is a gourmet cheesecake and cake dessert company. Serving the local Athens, Ohio area. Founded on March 16 2013 to tantalize your palette.

Here at Heaven Scent we ensure the highest quality ingredients while using organic sugar and unbleached all purpose flour with  time honored principles & procedures to exceed your expectations. I blend very bold  flavors & textures together to create one of a kind pastries and cakes. And to make YOU the star of every family event, cookout, BBQ or romantic dinner you prepare. Glad to help with all your needs, call anytime Mon.- Sat. 9am- 5pm at 740-605-3471.




Mothersday51215                          CV252115

Strawberry Amaretto Torte                                             Chocolate Velvet Truffle Torte

Carrot42015      BuckeyeTorte6815

Ultimate Carrot Cake                                                     Buckeye Torte

HS11252      Fruity2

Black Russian Cheesecake                                           Frangipane Fruit Tart

9 thoughts on “About

    • Hi John, it depends on the version of Strawberry Cheesecake. One I make with strawberry jam is $33, the other I use a NY Cheesecake base & make a homemade fresh strawberry glaze which is poured on top of the cooled & cut Cheesecake is $35.


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