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Sweet Rewards

I have on my property several brambles of wild black raspberries, so many in fact that I was picking & eating over 2 quarts a day for the last several weeks. Seeing that the wild blackberry  bushes were coming on that is a signal that the raspberry harvest would be waning. I decided to make the most of it with a sweet reward for myself.

I bought some Breyer’s vanilla bean ice cream, added some freshly plucked berries and smothered it with Heaven Scent’s caramel sauce..Not only did it look fab, but tasted ethereal. I have to admit to consuming the bowl you see and then there may have been another bowl involved in said party. I’m not copping to it..LOL

Heaven Scent’s Rich Caramel Sauce

4 ounces organic sugar

1 ounce water ( 2 Tbsp.)

5 ounces heavy cream

a small bowl of water and a brush

add sugar to non aluminum sauce pan ( I use a copper bottomed one)

add water to cover & turn to med hi heat

stir with a wooden spoon slowly & brush any crystals off the sides of the pan with the brush dipped in water.

If you don’t stir erratically, you shouldn’t have to water brush it more than 2 times.

I don’t use a candy thermometer, I  just do it by sight, but if you want to get technical at about 234 degrees the water will evaporate & the sugar will  begin to color slightly

**You Must Watch it Very Closely at this stage!!! Take it to a deep amber color, remove it from the stove & add heavy cream CAREFULLY to avoid getting burned by the steam..

Allow it to cool and set for about 5 minutes..Then begin with low heat and slowly increase as you stir chunks of caramel into a yummy, rich, buttery  homogeneous sauce..Pour into a glass container & keep for 3 days at room temperature. There are a million uses for fresh homemade caramel sauce and this is one of the ones I use for several of my cheesecake creations..This is 1,000 times better than store bought. So if you’ve been used to that goo you should taste it before adding to anything because it is very, very rich..


Joie de Vivre !!!!!!!! Bryan



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