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The Rubik’s Cube of Life

Let’s face it, most of life can be summed up as a puzzle. Sometimes in figuring out people, things and events I retrieve information stored in my mental Rolodex. I listen to people very intently and I also observe what they don’t say, which lots of time is way more important to getting to the truth quicker.

The mental Rolodex is where I store nuggets of information given to me such as names, dates, figures & events in people’s lives that they later forgot they told me, but I always remember. These things help me to discern patterns of behavior and truly understand why people or things are the way they are. We all wear masks. It is what it is. We all on some level have fears, apprehensions & are weary of people getting to know the truth about who we are and why. Time is one of my most valuable commodities and I don’t appreciate or tolerate it being wasted. So being attentive is crucial to figuring things out in a timely manner.

Another method I have found to eliminate feelings or relying on too many statistics is Bayes Theorem. Some call it inverse probability and one aspect I often use is  Bayes Probability. Essentially you have a visual see saw from your childhood playground in mind and in the middle you place a theory you have, then you begin to place facts on one side representing a correct theory and the other representing a false one. Eventually one side begins to teeter to being more dominant and therefore raising the probability of being correct. I use this for bigger problems and ones that I have more time to solve.

A good example in tying this all together would be figuring out if a new love interest likes you in return. Women in particular are brought up to be nice and to not unnecessarily hurt others so it can be difficult to discern their interest at times. So I put “She likes me” as my theory & then begin to place facts where they belong on each side until one outweighs the other. I also use this to figure out where the price of gold may be headed, where price action may go next with a certain stock or the entire Dow, are we headed to deflation ? or to inflation ?, to war (s),  where the economy in general is headed, etc..It really is extremely versatile as you can see. And since I own a business I use it  to make business decisions such as should I expand by buying equipment or buildings, should I hire any employees & what is the future of the sweet business in an economic downturn.

It helps me solve life’s problems quicker and more efficiently thus saving me precious time, energy and keeping emotional turmoil at bay. God has given me a true gift of being prescient, however Baye’s theorem is priceless for helping solve the Rubik’s cube of life’s many dilemmas. Keep the wheels turning by using the brain the Good Lord gave you & stay bright and untethered to troubles……….BWC original 5/16/16


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