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The Ocean


I am  very traditional when it comes to writing poems, so this is way out of my comfort zone. Is it even a poem ? You decide, me ? I’m not into details, they bore me to tears..

So endless, so endless,

life giving, sustaining

 mere mentioning of her,

sends shivers of joy & peals of glee.

equilibrium,freedom & cyclical nature

balances my soul, sets all  things right.

waves crash in, stress flows out.

peaceful serene, buckets of joy

to linger too long is take her for granted,

lean in for a kiss , a gentle sweet tryst,

to partake too much, dulls the senses,

she’ll be there each time you come to imbibe,

inhale her, exhale her, plunge to her core.

let her healing fill you, then come back for more.

My mistress the ocean, described in four words,

Joy, Bliss & Sacred Devine.

For my dear friends Kurt n Laurie & BTW; Happy Anniversary !!

*** A BWC original “poem”   – 5/15/16

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