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The Frog Pond

Sometimes there are large prices to pay for seeing and not doing. Sometimes there are unforeseen calamities if we say to ourselves, ” I’ll deal with that tomorrow.” Case in point: I saw water collecting on my pool cover, I also saw leaves floating on the surface and ice glaciers but, in my “wisdom” I said to myself-yes it’s a good day to sump it off, but tomorrow will be warmer and a “perfect” day to do it. Sometimes the tomorrows we envision never materialize.

I neglected to do what I knew in my heart needed to be done. Sometimes the time is now, this present moment. Well long and short of it is the weight of the iceberg & or the leaves went crashing through the liner, dumping in the pool, it was Not pretty. I tried to skim off as many leaves as I could to minimize my mess to no avail. Later after a severe wind storm two plastic weights blew off and began to pull the liner off which added to my joy of the bullfrog & his homies ( hundreds of tadpoles) congregating and partying at my expense.

The pool guys are coming. All will be restored, I will swim this year with my homie ( Grant, my Grandson) & his Mother, & I will have pool parties with pizza and cheesecakes and bikini clad beauties &  take dips after pushing the self propelled mower in the July smelt we get in Ohio and all will be good again. The point is; it was all unnecessary and sad, silly and well stupid. I sometimes learn things the hard way, but then I never forget the lessons.

Moral of the story ? I need to follow not only God’s leadings, but my intuition, and pulling the trigger when the time is good and stop looking for the perfect moment, idea or opportunity to bloom. If I make the decision at a good time, but not perfect, it sure beats procrastinating and the inevitable mistakes and heart aches from neglecting my duties. Today I take my own advice and will finish painting my kitchen cabinets..Why you say ? Well because it’s a good time and this dog is learning some new tricks..You’re never too old to learn !!

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