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Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Torte


This is what I call a stages cake, because there are many steps to be taken before completion..First, I baked my scrumptious moist chocolate cake layer weighed up to be half of its normal size..Cooled it & then placed in the bottom of a spring form pan to which the sides were covered with parchment paper strips, then strawberry halves were placed along the sides..Once secured I made my chocolate velvet mousse & poured it all over to the top of the pan & chilled it.After removing from the cooler, I glazed it with chocolate ganache and chilled it once again briefly..Lastly I piped with my Swiss meringue buttercream the letters and the chocolate flowers & then piped a chocolate border..

Since I am still actively selling these cakes & tortes I am keeping some recipes back as trade secrets.I will however give you the chocolate ganache recipe I use for most cheesecakes and cakes to glaze the top.Chocolate ganache is very versatile and I change the ratios of chocolate to heavy cream depending on what I need it to be for each recipe.I use this one for say 75-80% of them.

Chocolate Ganache for glazing cheesecakes and cakes

3 ounces chocolate chips

3 ounces heavy cream

Weigh up the chocolate, add the heavy cream and microwave for 22-33 seconds depending on your microwave.Whisk together till blended, pour over cake being careful to not let any spill over the sides.Chill & then proceed with your pastry endeavour. Voila.**I also use this (equal amounts) ganache for pouring in baked cookie crust tart shells at a slightly higher yield like 12 ounces each for a 11″ tart shell.Thanks for your continued support !!

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