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Quick movie meal

In a hurry, got home about 5 ish..Needed to make buttercream & cut & decorate another pumpkin ginger cheesecake. .also had in mind to watch a movie & was very hungry & in no mood to slice and dice tons of veggies, so….relied on a quick & easy meal while prepping buttercream. .one I’ve come to love..      took 3 small sweet potatoes & 1 medium sized redskin potato,  a little oil, non stick spray, fresh rosemary, little garlic & s&p..Roasted @ 375 for 30 min..then 350 for 10 more..voila..then for the gnoshing sauce…mayo w/ a fair amount of Herdez Salsa Verde, enough for full flavor, but not too much so as to break my little liaison. .Some fresh cilantro whipped in & as I boxed up my cc & plated up my perfect meal, I was ready to pop in my movie..enjoy…I know I did..

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