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The Gravy Train

As we settle in to my favorite time of the year, deep fall, early winter & the Holidays & the buoyancy it provides our spirits &  our general demeanor..I reflect back on what Craig O’brien said to me many moons ago; the French say you have not mastered a recipe till you have made it 1, 000 times..My beloved Grandmother Marie truly mastered turkey gravy..It was sublime & a true work of art..If there were any gravy left on my plate I would joyously chase & sop it up with a roll or piece of bread. .After Marie passed, my amazing Mother took up the gravy torch & even she would admit “it wasn’t as good as Grandma’s”..Still very good, but the gold standard of gravy had alas, been tarnished..After we lost Mom in 2009, the torch passed to me…Needless to say, my attempts were not in vain, but were certainly unspectacular to say the least…….I chose to not remain defeated, and instead to heed the wise words of Clint Eastwood ( as Dirty Harry)  “a man’s got to know his limitations).. I chose to start my own tradition and use veloute sauce & later add turkey drippings..No, not the elusive “gold standard” of days gone by, but this year I will share with my Grandson Grant how to sop up turkey gravy with rosemary garlic rolls. ..Maybe we’ll have a race to see who finishes first ?? The boy is after all like his Papaw Bryan,  very competitive…Have an awesome Turkey day & for those of us whose turkey gravy is subpar. ..no worries…Veloute recipe blog will post
tomorrow. .Bryan.

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