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A Day in the Life

Whew…What a day it was..Up at 6 A.M., fed the birds their favorite black oil sunflower seeds, took a very long walk in the misty morning air, communed with nature, came home & did some light yoga, meditated & then began to shuffle through the day…

Knew I had orders to make at some point & the plumber to contend with, but like Secretariat, I like to hang back at the starting gate & then pour it on towards the finish..While I was out grabbing baking ingredients I spied some stew meat and thought: yep..first cooking blog…Snatched up some Shiraz &  mushrooms to go into the pot and a few artisan crackers with a block of Monterey Pepper Jack knowing I’d be baking up a storm & being the plumbers gopher with no time to get complicated with lunch…

Also grabbed some epsom salts because the plumber was fixing my bathtub and knew I’d need a good soak later after this day…Baked up a couple dozen Cinnamon muffins, Tuxedo muffins and a dozen Pumpkin Caramel Praline ( w/ Pumpkin cheesecake batter in the middle, yum) Muffins..Then onto a Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake, another walk in the night time air & onto one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies…The 9 lives of Christmas…       Stew blog coming soon & I have some special Christmas dessert blogs planned for you…Stay tuned & enjoy your evening…Thanks for your support..Bryan


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