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Chocolate-Heaven Scent Style


From the top; Chocolate Banana Caramel Torte, whole torte and a slice.Chocolate cake layers sandwiched with fresh banana’s mascerated with caramel sauce & vanilla extract & placed on bottom layer, covered with Chocolate silk mousse, then top layer . Then flat iced with Cream Chantilly (sweetened whipped cream w/ vanilla extract).Lovely flavor explosion..

Bottom 2 pics are of the Death by Chocolate Cheesecake, whole cake & a slice. The base is Chocolate Flourless Cake then topped with dark rich Chocolate Cheesecake batter, then Chocolate Ganache & finally one more Chocolate: Chocolate buttercream..WOW !!

***Disclaimer; you will not expire from eating this Cheesecake, however, you will feel like “you’ve died & gone to Heaven..” Enjoy !!

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