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Kitchen Aid Commercial Mixer Review










I recently purchased a 8 quart commercial Kitchen Aid mixer.I would give it five stars out of five possible stars.I will pursue purchasing a scraper beater for this machine, but it works fine without one. All attachments are heavy duty and sufficient for commercial use. It is well worth the price paid, even though it is a little jump from the standard Kitchen Aid mixers.The extra money you spend will be well worth it in durability and life span.I have owned a standard 5 quart Kitchen Aid mixer for over 28 years & it is still running fine.The one caveat is even though it’s labeled as a commercial mixer I would not use it for heavy bread making/ baking.I mixed up a double batch of sweet rich dough for two King Cakes and with the bowl approximately 2/3’s full it was laboring at slightly higher speeds.So, if you are looking to do big quantities of bread dough, I would recommend you buy a 10/ 20 quart commercial mixer.Hobart is a trusted name and have a very good reputation.I used Hobart’s in most all of the professional kitchens I have been employed in.But for home use Kitchen Aid is King !!

Most of my use of this mixer is for cakes, cheesecakes, muffins, streusel’s, scones, coffee cakes,quick breads, etc..And it is perfect for this style of use and is very easy to clean.It is heavy, so find a place for it where you would like it to remain and you will be very, very pleased you bought it and never regret the purchase.*****You may click on the picture to link to Amazon and purchase it.


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