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Nature & The Cheesecake Blues

As the last leaves of Fall tumble to the ground,

As the pants of the deer can be heard all around..

I saw a snow flurry & a squirrel scurry,

Away up a tree while focusing on me..

The cold sets in, the dew & the frost

Indian Sumner ?? Those days are lost…

Baking, baking & baking some more,

Last cheesecake in the oven as I fall to the floor..

Buried under a nebulous cloud of sugar & flour,

My eyes get more bleary, hour by hour…

Timer on the wall & one in my head,

Yea, just in time- I awoke from the dead…

Love what I do- want nothing but this,

Shaking & Baking leaves me full of bliss..!!

***   An original poem that reflects my current status..Baking up a storm for my wonderful customers & taking long walks in nature while cheesecakes are in the oven..I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ve done for days..No, wait..Surely I was sucking air & eating too, no?? Lol..Have a Happy & Blessed Turkey Day..I know I will…Thanks for your support…Bryan

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