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Biscotti Swapping

My next door neighbor of many years & I have a unique relationship. .He’s always sort of been a second Dad to me & our daughters share not only the same name, but the same birthday also..We help each other out a lot; he shares his Jessica’ s biscotti with me, I shovel snow for him in winter…A win-win situation for all..I had baked some cinnamon muffins for him & later he brought over some of his daughter’s gingerbread biscotti for me..I am excited to try it, because it’s a new flavor for her..Usually she does a more traditional  Italian anise flavored one..So who can no to a Holiday gingerbread biscotti ? Not I, as I run some more coffee for dunking..And sent him on his way with my biscotti version; biscotti cioccolato with ginger, white & black pepper  & whole toasted almonds..I usually chocolate dip the bottoms..yum..yum..This day is shaping up nicely..

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