Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake

This cheesecake has the addition of candied pecans atop the buttercream. I do my awesome pumpkin cheesecake several different ways, so you’ll need to specify which version you’d like when ordering. I offer it as follows; with candied pecans, Turtle Style ( caramel sauce with toasted pecans) or maple pecan caramel sauce or simply as the au naturel Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake you know & Love. Think pumpkin pie meets cheesecake here!

It is Fall now so I am making tons of these cheesecakes already so place your orders early & often. Starting in November the race starts between pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. Cast your votes by ordering.

**NEW*** Cherry Crisp Cheesecake

The new Cherry Crisp Cheesecake is born. It is a graham based crust with vanilla cheesecake batter touched with almond extract & dollops of cherries then topped with a crunchy buttery oat streusel. Super Yum!

As a kid my Mom would make a cherry crisp with this same streusel recipe & have to hide it very well from moi. Otherwise I would eat the whole thing by myself. This cheesecake rendition is in her honor and helps me re live some awesome childhood memories.

Happy Birthday to Heaven Scent, LLC !!!

Today, 3/16/19 Heaven Scent, LLC is officially 6 years old and it has been a true joy to serve all my current customers. I look forward to many new ones in the coming years! New things for Heaven Scent this year and beyond are as follows; working on keto friendly and vegan Cheesecakes and I am actively seeking a new brick & mortar store to better serve my customers and majorly improve the space I have to create desserts in. I will then be adding wedding cakes, sheet cakes & a lot more mini dessert parties to the current repertoire. Growing & changing to reach more people in 2019 and beyond. Look forward to serving you all soon. Thanks for your patronage and support!!!

Petit Fours

Updated Petit Four Pricing

Chocolate Marquise Tarts. Chocolate crust, lined with chocolate ganache, then chocolate mousse piped over it adorned with chocolate curls.

The new pricing model will be per person pricing instead of per piece with different levels of types of mini’s & petit fours. There will be a $2, $3 and a $4 level to choose from. List will be coming soon with the $2 level being more economical, simple mini’s, the $3 level being fancier & the $4 level being elegant, exquisite French cake petit fours. More pictures to follow soon!

Setting Obtainable Goals

I have become more realistic in setting goals this past year. Setting reasonably easy goals at first, then upping the ante as I hit each level, always reaching for more. I have come to understand this past year that setting goals too lofty to obtain works against me and my then current confidence level.

An example; I set a goal of riding my bike at least 200 miles before early Fall. Once I obtained that goal, I set my sights on 225 & then 250. I didn’t get to the 250 mark before I pulled the bike rack off the car and stored the bike for the coming cold season. If I have to wrap up so many layers so I look like a penguin, yeah, it’s not worth it at that point. But I was happy with obtaining two of my goals & felt like I could have easily nailed my last goal too, but I built up my confidence level in preparation for next year and got out the treadmill and hopped on it daily for the cold months to follow.

This is the same guy who in 2013 rode 800 miles in one season and was very upset I didn’t get to 1,000 miles which was my goal that year. I berated myself for being “soft” and constantly felt like a failure. And yes I got the 800 miles ridden, but did not enjoy riding that year. It was too much of a competition with myself and I was constantly looking for time to steal away and ride. I honestly feel the 238ish miles I rode this year was  better for my health than the year I rode 800 miles.

I enjoyed the riding this year, took in the sights and moments and was very happy fulfilling almost all my goals for this year. I also had to take into consideration my business has increased dramatically this year so my time was slightly limited because my customers always come first. I always get everyone’s orders done on time, then I play.

Setting goals too high and setting yourself up for failure is pointless. Life throws curve balls at us sometimes, which can affect our time & ability to achieve said goals. So if you set easily obtainable goals to begin with you will be happier, well adjusted & more able to overcome any obstacles and push for a little more without putting too much stress and pressure on yourself. Enjoy the ride and take time to see the sights, experience happiness & take in the moments that take your breath away.


**NEW** Key Lime Curd Cheesecake


This is the brand new (today) Key Lime Curd Cheesecake which has the addition of? Yep, you guessed it key lime curd atop the already creamy, luscious Key Lime Cheesecake! I am working on some additional curd flavors too. I’ll keep you posted with any updates, but I am looking at developing a raspberry, blueberry & strawberry curd for topping the already yummy Cheesecakes. I envision a new line of unique & distinctly Heaven Scent style Cheesecakes for your eating pleasure. These will be at a higher price point of $33 starting for the Key Lime & possibly more for the other berry curds because of the additional costs of the berries themselves. I won’t know till I actively begin testing and experimenting. The Cheesecake Guy is always working behind the scenes for you !!!

**NEW** White Chocolate Buckeye CC


This was done easpecially for a friend who convinced me white chocolate & peanut butter were made for each other. I start with a peanut butter cheesecake batter, bake it, then top with peanut butter streusel, white chocolate ganache and pipe a peanut butter buttercream border to hold it all in.