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**NEW** Key Lime Curd Cheesecake


This is the brand new (today) Key Lime Curd Cheesecake which has the addition of? Yep, you guessed it key lime curd atop the already creamy, luscious Key Lime Cheesecake! I am working on some additional curd flavors too. I’ll keep you posted with any updates, but I am looking at developing a raspberry, blueberry & strawberry curd for topping the already yummy Cheesecakes. I envision a new line of unique & distinctly Heaven Scent style Cheesecakes for your eating pleasure. These will be at a higher price point of $33 starting for the Key Lime & possibly more for the other berry curds because of the additional costs of the berries themselves. I won’t know till I actively begin testing and experimenting. The Cheesecake Guy is always working behind the scenes for you !!!

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