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Raspberry LOVE


Heaven Scent’s Raspberry Charlotte cake is exquisite & rich and filled with Raspberry Love. It is my favorite cake to make & eat !! It is very time consuming & expensive to produce but is worth every penny spent for the ingredients and / or your purchase. I use 2 pints of raspberries, 3 separate cakes, a pound of raspberry bavarian creme, a ton of raspberry marmalade and several splashes of Framboise ( raspberry liqueur), plus 5 ounces of apricot jewel glaze to kiss it with..If you like raspberries ( who doesn’t, right ?) you will fall head over heels for this cake. This is a year round cake, but is also on the seasonal menu. I personally will make one for our Family Christmas celebration and pair the food  flavors and textures around this centerpiece. The finishing touches are the apricot jewel glaze and Heaven Scent’s Swiss Meringue Butter cream piped around as a border.


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