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Mellow Time Is Over

It’s time to get cranking again, I’ve layed low long enough. I will be posting some new recipes with pictures and possibly some baking basics on video. I need to play with my new toys for your pleasure too. I added Photo Shop & have been experimenting with my new Nikon camera to make the pictures clearer and crisper. Being that this is one of the busiest months for the Bakery I’ll do my best to feed the blog in between. Stay tuned & Thank You for your patience & continued support..Store is coming together & will be up & running soon. Peace and Blessings.                                Heaven Scent’s Gourmet Cinnamon Muffins are pictured below. Cinnamon is in the batter, streusel and in the cinnamon chips. I am liking the natural light much better than the day bulbs for crispness. Joie de Vivre.DSC_0084

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