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Passion Defined

05292013054Do what you Love, they said…The money will follow you if you do what you’re passionate about, they said….                  My business was booming in another city I lived in, where I first opened Heaven Scent Cheesecake and Spice Mix Company..Then I decided it was time to move back to Athens, Ohio where my Dad was & he wasn’t doing well and he needed my help..I was already coming down to help him 1-2 times a week, but the 114 mile round trip was stressful, to say the least..So I packed up and headed this way..I assumed my business would not only continue to do well, but actually increase dramatically..It was, after all, my hometown, where I grew up & knew lots of people and where all the local restaurants were..No brainer, right ??

Well 2 months later in January, 2015 I paid all my bills & had the grand total of $15 left in my business checking account..It was brutal..I had two orders that month…That’s it..I could see where some people would call it quits and close the doors..I spent a few sleepless nights, pondered all my options & felt the good Lord directing me to stand in the fire, so to speak..I did..Giving up, admitting defeat, etc..doesn’t really exist in my vocabulary..And I’m a gambler by nature who is not afraid to put it all on the table for calculated risks..So for me there wasn’t really any other option..I decided to add cakes to my repertoire to complement the cheesecake line & give my customers more choices..Threw a bunch of money into marketing and advertising, got more professional with my business cards and hit the local restaurant scene to drum up accounts..

It worked, slowly at first, but each month topped the sales from the previous month & this last month (November 2015) was the best month I had all year..December is already shaping up to beat the pants off November..You see, there is much wisdom in the “Doing what you Love-the money will follow” philosophy..I Love Baking & Pastries..It truly is my calling, my gift to you (& to me !!) Baking brings me great pleasure and satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, joy and heart felt contentment..So glad & grateful I “pushed all my chips to the middle of the table” on an ALL IN bet for my future..Looks like Heaven Scent will be around until I retire to Nicaragua many moons from now..As I promised my Grandson I’d be by his side for at least 18 years of his life, just as I did his Mother..I really enjoy the blogging too, sharing recipes and techniques with all of you & I have some big plans for future blogs too. I am contemplating doing dessert  videos in addition to the blogs.Stick around, never a dull moment..!! Thanks for your support, couldn’t do it without everyone’s  love & loyalty…            I attempt to share my passion for desserts with my customers in my cheesecake, tortes, cookies and pastries through my decorations and in the flavor(s) too..That’s why on the HS logo banner it says- “Give me Flavor or give me death.”..Around here, we take our flavoring VERY seriously..Lol..Peace and Blessings..



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