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Feeling the fire

The last couple of days things have been trying to frustrate me, to defeat me if you will…I don’t allow negative thoughts to fester. .I rip them out immediately & press on. .This morning it was getting a rip snorting fire going because I  craved heat & light @ my 4 AM arise & shine time..But the insolent fire would not cooperate. .Every time I had it going good if I took my eyes off it for a few, it died out..Did I give up after 5 tries ? Nope..As I sit in front of this gloriously warm & toasty fire…I feel victory..So I rewarded myself by piping peanut butter icing on top of my oatmeal with fresh bananas..Man is that good..!! Always remember;  it’s our thoughts that shape our lives..So be the gate keeper who pulls up the negative thoughts, overcomes them & therefore sees & experiences Victory.. It’s yours for the taking. ..

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