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Opera Torte

This is Heaven Scent’s version of the classic Opera Torte served at our Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration…The funny part is I had not made this cake for a long time, so when the yield said 3 I figured it meant three cakes..I cut it in half & ended up with a cake I could only cut into two layers making it too short for my intended purpose..So, raised to find the silver lining in every cloud I decided to rearrange the torte & add a coffee bavarian to fix the height problem..This was an epiphany because the outcome was very tasty and very popular…Opera torte is composed of walnut cake layers with the bottom layer brushed with chocolate, then coffee syrup, ganache, coffee bavarian creme, another cake layer, more ganache & finish iced with mocha buttercream..OperaTorte15DSC_3158a

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